AU Curriculum & Lexia

ITECAU has cross referenced Lexia Core5 and the National Curriculum version 8.2. Although this is a good working document, it is clear more areas of the National Curriculum can be cross referenced with Lexia Core5.

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Symphony Math

Helps students develop a profound understanding of the most critical mathematical concepts, fluency with number relationships, and the ability to apply this knowledge to solving story problems. Provides students with the opportunity to practice and explore the most important math concepts in tremendous depth and in a variety of contexts.

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Reading Plus

Reading Plus is a web-based program serving students from years 3 to 12 and older, with foundational literacy skills in place, that transforms how, what, and why students read while broadening interests and building knowledge.

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Lexia Core5

Lexia Reading Core5® provides personalised learning on fundamental literacy skills for students in grades
pre-K–6 and delivers real-time performance data without testing.

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Welcome to the IT Education Company Australia

Welcome to the IT Education Company Australia

May 26, 2015