Boosting Numeracy Skills

Maths is a subject many children struggle with, which is why boosting numeracy skills from an early age is so important. Maths concepts can be tricky, so providing structured and achievable numeracy content helps children to cement their learnings and feel confident with numbers. Symphony Maths is designed to help young learners apply previous knowledge to new situations, and to continue to develop their skills.

With Symphony Math, teachers have access to product support and student reports to ensure a student’s performance and progress is on track, and to identify areas that may need extra work. With our dashboard, offline resources can be provided specifically to a student’s needs.

Based on a rewards system, students can receive recognition for their work from their teachers who are given a report on test results, areas of improvement and areas that need attention. The end goal is for teachers to fill in the gaps of a student’s maths education and with Symphony Maths, identifying the issues is easy.

Symphony Math is a great resource for building numeracy skills, and helps young learners make great progress with their mathematical skills. Fun, engaging and helpful for students who find maths frustrating, our numeracy skill worksheets encourage learning through play, which means plenty of maths practice without feeling disheartened.

Numeracy Skills

How Numeracy Worksheets Support Learning

Numeracy worksheets are a great building base for early development of mathematical knowledge. Children who have been encouraged to learn these skills early are often more confident with numeracy skills as they progress through school. Having an understanding of addition and subtraction in the early years leads to children being more confident with numbers, especially when it comes to multiplication and division, or the order of operations.


Students who struggle with maths do so because they don’t understand how maths works, or they rely on memorisation techniques. Symphony Math allows students to learn by going at their own pace and allows them to develop confidence and an understanding of mathematical principles. Symphony Math is all about getting students to understand the fundamentals of maths to build a solid foundation.

Symphony Math for Numeracy Skills

Symphony Math can be a fantastic tool for revision, and for cementing the fundamental knowledge of basic maths facts children will carry into their adult lives. While solving the problems given, young learners will practise adding simple numbers, finding half and a quarter of a number, filling in missing numbers in sequences, adding and subtracting amounts of money, finding a fraction of numbers, understanding repeating patterns and so much more.

Our programs are developed to be in-line with the national curriculum standards and expectations. With this in mind, parents and teachers can test their students’ skills against a specific curriculum objective or more general goals for overall numeracy improvement. The most effective maths worksheets are also designed to include creative and engaging activities, so that children can see that maths can be fun and exciting.

Kids will learn through play and be more likely to engage in the learning process once they enjoy what they’re doing. Our Symphony Math programs are tailored to different levels to ensure students can feel a sense of achievement at the same time as being challenged, with great maths problems at levels appropriate for their needs. 

Practice makes perfect, and numeracy skills are no different. A comprehensive set of maths programs under the Symphony Math section of our website are created for all educators on topics such as number and place value, skip counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, times tables, fractions, percentages, time, measurements, money, shapes, statistics and more!

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