Symphony Math

Maths is a core fundamental of a child’s education that will be used throughout their life. By developing their mathematics skills from an early age, students are more likely to engage with maths through the latter years of their education. Symphony Math is available for students in Pre-K to year 8 to help identify gaps in a student’s education and build a solid foundation.

Symphony Math is based on cognitive research that focuses on attention, language, and thinking, as well as developmental psychology. Maths is a language and is a skill like reading and when broken down into small pieces, students engage more without being overwhelmed.

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Symphony Math

Students Learn How Maths Works

Maths can often be seen as a daunting subject in school, when in fact is quite the opposite. Students who struggle with maths do so because they don’t understand how maths works, or they rely on memorisation techniques. These techniques are often a one-size-fits-all approach that can be overwhelming for students that struggle.

Symphony Math allows students to learn by going at their own pace to develop confidence and understanding of mathematical principles. Symphony Math is all about getting students to understand the fundamentals of maths to build a solid foundation.

Symphony Math

Support for Teachers

With Symphony Math, teachers have access to product support and student reports. These reports give teachers real-time information on a student’s performance and progress throughout the year. With our dashboard, teachers can identify students as being at-risk, borderline or not at-risk during testing and assessments. Offline resources are provided specifically to a student’s needs.
Based on the rewards system, students receive recognition for their work. Teachers are given a report on a student’s assessments test results, a list of what they have improved on throughout the year, and what needs to be improved. The end goal is for teachers to fill in the gaps of a student’s maths education and with Symphony Math, identifying the issues is easy.

Symphony Math

Understanding Numbers

With Symphony Math, students are taught at a level they feel comfortable at without being overwhelmed. By getting students to focus on math works, they can go about understanding the fundamentals of maths. Through each stage of Symphony Math, students develop a strong foundation of basic principles to help them with more advanced equations as they progress.

Symphony Math

Develop a Growth Mindset

Too often students who struggle with maths are worried about making mistakes or not getting it. This is detrimental to a student’s learning and can lead them to lose interest in maths. By encouraging students to embrace making mistakes, students are taught that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. It’s about changing the way a student sees maths and why they need to embrace failure rather than fearing it.

Symphony Math

Research Proven

Symphony Math is not just research-based, it is research-proven. Based on both developmental psychology and cognitive research, Symphony Math has helped students develop a deeper understanding of how math works rather than focusing on traditional memorisation learning techniques. In one report, students who used the program for five hours or more over a prolonged period throughout the school year had made 8 times more progress in their mathematical learning than those who used it minimally or not at all. The results speak for themselves.