Lexia Powerup

Lexia Powerup

By the time a student reaches year 6 and beyond, it is expected that they go from learning to read to reading to learn. Students who have gaps in their learning can feel left behind and it is only when testing is analysed that teachers identify the problems.

PowerUp is a leading educational software that encourages self-paced learning with real-time analytics to help both students and teachers with the core curriculum.

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Lexia Powerup

Key Features

With Lexia Powerup students in year 6 and beyond who are not competent or proficient readers are given personalised instruction to help them develop a greater understanding of a text. With Lexia Powerup educators can address the needs of students while students learn and develop at their own pace.


For Students

Lexia PowerUp offers students a personalised learning experience where they begin lessons based on their abilities. PowerUp uses age-appropriate texts, videos, and gaming-based aspects to engage with students to encourage them to take control of their learning.

Students who engage with this software have seen improvements in their reading and engagement with schoolwork over a year. With motivational tools and age-appropriate humour, Lexia PowerUp is the software students will love. Compatible with most mobile devices and computer operating systems, students can access their work at school or in the comfort of their home.


For Teachers

As educators, it is essential that you know how a student is progressing in their education with real-time access to information. Lexia PowerUp gives teachers up-to-date data about students’ current skills and abilities. By implementing Lexia PowerUp into the core curriculum, teachers can save up to a month in time from not having to analyse data from standard testing.
Lexia PowerUp has a blended learning model that gives teachers the ability to give students targeted learning instruction to fill in the gaps. By giving students power over their learning, it boosts confidence and engagement when learning.


Focuses on the 3 Instructional Strands

Lexia Powerup focuses on the 3 instructional strands,

  • Word Study
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension

Students can place at different levels of each strand, while they progress through the program. From foundational to advanced levels, students develop the skills that they need to understand, analyse, evaluate, and compare complex text. By focusing on these three strands, students will develop a deeper understanding of the text and become confident readers.

Lexia PowerUp Literacy is a groundbreaking program designed to enhance core English language arts instruction for non-profit readers in grades six and above.

Developed to address the needs of a wide range of students from struggling readers to nearly proficient readers, PowerUp Literacy helps students read, comprehend and engage with increasingly complex grade level texts.

Using a proprietary research validated assessment, Lexia PowerUp Literacy automatically places each student in the three instructional strands of word study grammar and comprehension. In word study, students learn skills and concepts that advance their accuracy and automaticity for reading texts.

In grammar, students learn grammar concepts, sentence construction, and the structure of various text genres. And in comprehension, students learn skills and strategies that help them analyse literary and informational texts of increasing complexity for deep meaning and understanding.

With more than 60 unique initial placement combinations in these three instructional strands, PowerUp delivers an unprecedented level of personalization to address gaps in fundamental reading skills while building the more advanced critical thinking skills students need to meet rigorous college and career readiness standards.

Specifically designed for adolescents, Powerups age appropriate student interface helps students set and manage goals for themselves and encourages them to take ownership of their learning. In addition, a range of relevant high interest authentic texts and game based motivational elements keep students engaged in their learning as they gradually develop their critical reading skills.

Identifying and addressing the development diverse learning needs of non-proficient readers can be challenging without the right tools.Lexia PowerUp Literacy can help you deliver the targeted, personalized literacy instruction your non profitian students need to read complex text proficiently and confidently.