Advantages of using English Worksheets

English worksheets have been used for generations by educators to enhance a child’s skills, intellect, handwriting and imagination. Worksheets are a great resource to make learning the English language an enjoyable and fun exercise for children.

Learning technology has developed rapidly through covid, especially digital learning tools which now play a much bigger role in children’s learning in the classroom and at home. Whilst these digital tools have carved new pathways, the benefits of a simple English worksheet have been proven to be highly effective. 

It is known that children learn more in their formative years than at any time in their life. As a result, parents and educators give special importance to development and learning skills of children between 3 to 7 years of age, giving them confidence and structure to continue learning as they grow. Worksheets used by educators through children’s learning journeys benefit the development of logical, lingual, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities, setting children up for continued positive learning experiences. 


English Worksheets

Easy Learning Formats & Structure

English worksheets ranging in difficulty help children to learn foundational concepts in an easily understood and intriguing format. Kids often have a short attention span, so structured worksheets simplify the learning process and allow each student to focus more easily, whilst encouraging active learning. The aim of active learning is based on the involvement of students in their own learning, going from being passive learners to active ones. Interactive activities such as English worksheets are directly related to active learning, because students learn through participation in the content.


Opportunity for Rewarding Results

Rewards in the form of stickers placed on a child’s worksheets have the potential to keep them motivated and boost their confidence. Following a plan with rewards introduced at various levels of completion can motivate children both at home and in the classroom to complete their tasks and help them to enjoy the learning process. Children know school activities require effort, however, it doesn’t have to be associated with boredom. Interactive English worksheets with fun and creative exercises can help students to have a positive attitude towards other school tasks when they feel rewarded for the work and effort they have achieved. 


Expressing Creativity

English worksheets have the opportunity to give children the added advantage of getting creative. When children play, or feel as though they are playing, they will put all their attention and effort in carrying out the exercises. Assisting children with writing a structured story and then giving them the opportunity to colour, draw and express their words in other visual formats can help further develop a child’s understanding of conveying emotions and telling stories.


Curriculum Based English Worksheets

Educationists create sets of worksheets as per the academic curriculum, meaning there is a range of learning objectives which can be distributed based on each group or class’ level of understanding. Specially-designed and graded level worksheets give children the opportunity to reinforce the application of knowledge they have already gained in prior learning in the classroom.

English writing worksheets are a great learning resource for beginner and early-intermediate students. Once students have gained confidence in their learning abilities they feel confident to further develop their skills and move on to freestyle writing at the intermediate and advanced levels. That said, there are writing worksheets for these levels too.

It’s critical to help students build strong English literacy skills, as these will serve them throughout many aspects of senior school and adult life. In today’s age where kids are glued to digital devices, let them disconnect and engage them in something new and valuable to their learning. Experiment with these simple, fun and creative worksheets for kids.

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