Step by step instruction to teach kids to read

Reading is a skill that is indispensable in the modern world. Therefore, the questions of when and how to teach a child to read are of concern to every parent. The answers to them, as well as a list of applications that will easily and fun, teach kids to read – you will find below in the text.


It is known that it is too early to teach reading to children who have difficulty maintaining concentration and who do not speak much. But it is also known that if a child learns to read already in the classroom, it can be difficult for him to keep up with the program. It is in these contradictory attitudes that the parents of babies live.
The question of the age most favorable for teaching a child to read is not very correct, because everything depends on the individual development of the baby. Teachers and pediatricians advise not to rush, since the centers in the brain responsible for the perception of the text are formed no earlier than 5-6 years.
This age is considered average and optimal for starting training. But if you see that a child already at the age of four shows interest in books and speaks well, you can start learning.
Reading is a skill that is indispensable in the modern world.
When starting to teach a child to read, it is important to remember that the effectiveness and speed of the process depend on how many preliminary skills and knowledge your child has. Many of the preparatory skills the child acquires from birth. Here are some of them:

  • Phonological awareness – the ability to recognize words, syllables, and sounds;
  • Phonemic awareness – the ability to recognize and manipulate individual sounds within a single word;
  • Knowledge of the alphabet – the ability to distinguish letters and name them;
  • Ability to hold a book and use it;
  • Fluency in spoken language and an active vocabulary sufficient for communication;
  • Basic critical thinking skills: the ability to analyze and form one’s own opinion.

It is possible to consider a child ready to learn to read if he easily forms coherent sentences, has no speech therapy problems, and has developed spatial thinking, that is, he understands what is right-left and up-down.
However, even here it is difficult to distinguish patterns since each baby develops at its own pace. You can gradually teach your child to read by syllables or letters and see how well and easily it turns out.


Before you start teaching reading, remember that you are unlikely to be able to teach a child to read quickly. Reading is a complex skill that requires concentration. Be patient and take your time – give your baby time and move gradually. The following instructions will help you teach your child to read step by step:

2 – 3 years – the best age for raising a child’s interest in the book and the formation of figurative thinking. At this age, you should spend as much time as possible with your child and books. Read to the baby yourself, sort out the pictures together.

Bright music books or fabric books will come in handy. This is the best time to associate a book with interesting leisure activities and talk about the possibilities it opens up.

The age of 4 – 5 years is favorable for getting acquainted with the alphabet, as well as with sounds and syllables. You can already teach a child to read at this age, but it is better not to overload the child’s psyche with such a difficult task.

Focus on the syllables and sounds and work through this step as best you can. Further progress will depend on how well the child learns sounds.

At 5 – 6 years old, you can begin full-fledged teach kids to read. Keep reading to your child, but involve him in the process. Read together syllable by syllable, combine simple read words into sentences – a little more, and your child will fully master the reading skill. At this stage, it is also useful, along with reading, to train the skill of reading comprehension: retell the child an episode from the children’s book, and leave the retelling of the next page to him.

Even though at 5-6 years old, most children are already psychologically and physically ready to learn to read, you still need to be careful not to overload the child’s psyche. Try to give learning a playful form, because along with the first lessons, the child develops an attitude towards learning in general, and it is very important to instill in the child a love of learning.

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